Sayı: 3, 1.10.2014

Yıl: 2014


Araştırma Makalesi

2. Evaluation of child and adolescents with attempted suicide

3. Prophylactic and selective surfactant administration in preterm infants with 28 weeks and lower: a single center experience

4. Comparing the effects of general anesthesia with nitrous oxide on postoperative opioid consumption and chronic pain in patients undergoing hysterectomy

6. Knowledge of general practitioners and medical students regarding the diagnosis and treatment of anaphylaxis

7. Evaluation of patients diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis

11. Skin and vaginal erosion after adjustable miduretral sling operation

12. Lymphatic dysplasia syndrome with chylothorax: a case report

13. Squamous cell carcinoma developed on the basis of branchial cyst (Primary Branchiogenic Carcinoma): A case report

14. Underexpanded Covered-Stent

Olgu Sunumu

10. Brucelloma; a case with hepatosplenic nodules Resolved with antibiotherapy

15. Transsellar Transsphenoidal Encephalocele: MRI Features

16. Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Complicated By Hemorrahic Infarction In Postpartum Period
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