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 PRESS aims to create an international platform for working together of these disciplines which are seen as different from each other and producing common and effective solutions to current and future human psychological problems. Today, it has become impossible for sciences to work as separate disciplines. On the contrary, it is imperative that disciplines work together to produce effective solutions. In order for the researches of psychology to be effective, it is necessary to collaborate with researchers in the field of application. Most of the problems in the field of education and social sciences are specific so that they can be solved by means of psychology. In this respect, the Journal of Psychology Research on Education and Social Sciences (PRESS) seeks to fill a major gap in this scientific field.

Aim & Scope

PRESS aims to be an academic platform for "educational psychology" and "social psychology" research, which is the fundamental mystery of the individual and society. The number of academic journals on the axis of psychology research, education and social sciences is increasing. There are very few academic journals that create a discussion platform by examining psychology in the axis of education (individual) and society. PRESS aims to be the most followed academic media in the research and applications of psychology on the axis of society and the individual. PRESS is a region where social mobility has been experienced throughout history, due to the region of the Middle East countries where it was founded. It is also among the goals of the Middle East laboratory to be the unifying home of the comprehensive theories of the West.

The PRESS is an international refereed scientific journal which publishes review and research article related scopes are as below;

* Education psychology
* Social psychology
* General psychology

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