Yazım Kuralları

Submission of Papers: Manuscripts for publication may be sent to the dergi park systems. Although this journal is international in scope, all articles must be in the English language. Potential contributors whose first language is not English are urged to have their manuscript competently edited prior to submission. Papers should be written in the third person in an objective, formal and impersonal style.  

Manuscript Preparation General: Manuscripts must be typewritten, single-spaced with page margins (each margin 2.5 cm) on one side of white paper with one column in 12 pt Times New Roman style with WORD or Latex format.  The corresponding author E-mail address ull postal addresses have to be identified and included. Also E-mail address and full postal addresses must be given for all co-authors.

Abstracts: Each manuscript must be included a brief abstract and a short list of keywords (For example: Keywords: Education; Child; Playing; Nutrition).  

Graphical Abstract: Compulsory. A tematic figure summarzing or punctuating the whole or crucial part of the manuscript.  

Highlights: Three items which contains at least one statement on the importance of manuscript. 

Text: Follow this order when typing manuscripts: Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Main text, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, Appendix, References, Vitae and Figure Captions followed by the Figures and Tables in convenience to the manuscript. Alternatively, manuscript can be prepared on the supplied template.  The corresponding author should be identified with an asterisk and footnote. 

Formulas and Equations: Each formulas and equations must be written with computer equations tools. They not be shown in picture formats as jpeg, png and other formats. 

Symbols and Units: All Greek letters and unusual symbols should be identified by name in the margin, the first time they are used. SI units should be used wherever possible.

References: The last version of APA style. 

Manuscript Template: Click here for the article submission template.