Yıl 2018, Cilt 10 , Sayı 2, Sayfalar 135 - 142 2018-06-29

Mixed Noise Removal with External Parameter in Image Denoising

Levent GÖKREM [1] , Uğur ERKAN [2]

In this study, a new method has been developed on noise removal, one of the most important parts in image processing. In particular, a new noise removal filter has been developed to removes noise from images the mix of µ and σ values. In this method, a new approach is proposed to remove noise when μ value increases while σ value is constant. The filter has particularly proven to be more successful on all of µ values. PSNR have been used to compare the results of the study. The newly developed method has been compared with the median, wiener2, Bayesian shrink, bilateral, median+bilateral, BM3D, KSVD methods. For example, when µ-0.10 and σ-0.01 added to Lena image, other algorithms’ PSNR results are 19.23-19.35, 18.90, 18.73, 19.60, 19.81, 19.70 while they are 27.06 in our new method.

Gaussian Noise, Image Denoising, Noise Removal, Image Enhancement
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Konular Mühendislik, Ortak Disiplinler
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Yazar: Levent GÖKREM (Sorumlu Yazar)
Ülke: Turkey

Yazar: Uğur ERKAN
Ülke: Turkey


Yayımlanma Tarihi : 29 Haziran 2018

APA GÖKREM, L , ERKAN, U . (2018). Mixed Noise Removal with External Parameter in Image Denoising. International Journal of Engineering Research and Development , 10 (2) , 135-142 . DOI: 10.29137/umagd.376895