Aim & Scope

Journal of Research and Experience (ADEDER) is a peer-reviewed and scientific journal that publishes research and activity articles on educational sciences, teacher training and field teaching.
The articles in the Journal of Research and Experience (ADEDER) are intended for academicians, teachers and teacher candidates working in the relevant field. Provides instant open access to the content of the journal for their use and sharing, provided that they are referenced.

The content of the journal consists of research and activity articles on basic education, high school and university level teaching in all disciplines in the field of educational sciences and teacher training. It is thought that an archive will be created that will enable graduate students, teachers and academicians to meet different experiences through the Journal of Research and Experience (REJ), which will be published online.
It is expected that the activity studies must be carried out by obtaining the permissions of the pilot application. The applications are primarily requested to be applied on the target group in schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. However, if it is found appropriate in the referee evaluations, it will be accepted in the applications made at the university level.

Period Months
June December