Writing Rules

In the Research and Experience Journal (REJ), the writing rules for the article requested to be published are as follows: At the beginning of the workshop should be Turkish (Abstract), English (Abstract) and Turkish (Key Words), English (Keywords) and Turkish and English titles consisting of minimum 100 and maximum 150 words. After the Bibliograph section,  extended abstract at least 200 words shall be added at the end of the text in research papers.

Turkish Title: 14 Punto Book Antiqua

English Title 12 Punto Book Antiqua

Name-surname, institution: 9 points, Book Antiqua

Abstract / Abstract: 9 Punto Book Antiqua
Subheadings are 12 points

Main Text: 10 points, Book Antiqua, single line spacing
The research articles should be listed under the headings Introduction, Method, Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations, References.

Introduction - Implementation of Activity - Conclusions and Recommendations; A sort should be followed in bibliography.
Writing bibliography should be prepared according to APA style.
The responsibility for publishing belongs to the author. If plagiarism is detected in articles submitted or previously published, the publication will be removed from the journal system.