Article Submission Process

  • The works submitted to the Asian Journal of Instruction should be prepared in accordance with the writing rules and placed in the article template of the journal. A "copyright transfer form" and "plagiarism report" signed by each of the article authors must be uploaded to the system in the process of submitting the article.
  • The articles are first subject to pre-evaluation. Articles with more than 20% similarity are returned to their authors. And then, they are read carefully by the assistant editors and it is determined whether they comply with journal’s publishing policies, purpose and scope. The articles that are found to be inappropriate are returned to the authors with justification without further evaluation. Works that do not comply with article writing rules are sent to the authors for correction.
  • The articles sent to the journal are passed to the evaluation process if they are worth sending to the reviewers. In the evaluation process, a double-blind peer review system is followed. Articles are sent at least two reviewers according to the content of the studies and the expertise of the reviewers. During the process authors and reviewers identities are hidden. The time given to the reviewers for the reviewer evaluation process is 21 days.
  • The reviewers evaluate the originality of the articles, their contribution to the field, the method used, the presentation of the findings and results, the research level of source and literature related to the subject, the language and style used. Works that are non-original, weak in terms of Turkish and English language and expression rules and contain scientifically critical mistakes are rejected.

  • The reviewers report on the article as follows; "can be published", "can be published after the proposed corrections have been made", and "can not be published".  Articles that do not have at least two acceptance decisions can not be published. If at least one of the two reviewers makes a negative decision, the article is directed to a third reviewer.

  • The reviewers submit the revision files and the reviewer evaluation form on which they have filled out the necessary correction proposals via the system.

  • The reviewer evaluation forms and correction files are sent back to the authors through the journal system. Proposals for corrections from the reviewers must be completed by the authors within 1 month. Authors are obliged to make corrections and improvements fully in the knowledge that the proposed corrections and improvements enhance the originality of the work. The authors place the corrections they have made in the "article revision table".

  • The reviewers may decide the suitability of article re-examining the revised articles from the authors and may request revisions more than once if necessary.

  • In the next stage, an editor review is made. At this stage, the editorial board review the article and ask the authors for the corrections it necessary.
  • Publishing decision-making articles are put in order by making the necessary arrangements and they wait publication. Authors are informed about the issue and volume of article to be published.


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