Author Guidelines

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  • The language of the journal is both English.
  • Full text should not exceed 20 pages or 8000 words including abstracts and references.
  • Author names, institutions and e-mail addresses should follow the titles.
  • If the study has been presented in any congress or symposiums, related information about the title, date and place should be included on at the bottom of the first page.
  • Page format should be; A4 Portrait, Margins (normal) (top, bottom, left, right 3 cm)
  • Use 14-point bold for your article title, with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns. Please margin the article title to the center. Keep titles brief and descriptive. Title should contain maximum 12 words.
  • Manuscripts should include an abstract of 150-250 words, containing the purpose, methodology, findings and basic conclusions. Font Size should be 10 point Times New Roman in single space, and justified. They should also include 3-5 keywords. Separate keywords with a comma. Capitalize the first letter of each keyword. References are not included.
  • Manuscripts should be single spaced. Font size for the text should be 11 point Times New Roman. Please margin the text to the justified. It should be in a one-column format. All relevant information should be included in main text. Do not indent paragraphs. Do not underline words for emphasis. Use italics instead. Both numbered lists and bulleted lists can be used if necessary.
  • Use short, meaningful, arranged by numbers sub-headings. Please use 12-point bold for first-level headings, 11-point bold for second-level headings, and 11-point italics for third-level headings with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns. Don't number the acknowledgements and references. Please margin all headings to the left.
  • Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with APA (American Psychological Association) publication manual. When citing references within the text;

1 authors (Gupta, 2007)

2 authors (Kaufman & English, 1979)

3 authors and more (Smith et al., 1987)

  • Manuscript should consist the sub-headings of introduction, method (population-sampling or study group,¬†instruments, data collection process, data analysis, validity and reliability), findings, discussion and conclusion, references. The first level headings should be centered, the second and third level headings should be leaned to the left.
  • In introduction part, there should be information about the purpose of the study, statement of problem/sub-problems (if any), literature review and that information should be associated with the problem.
  • In methot part, readers should be informed about the kind of the study, data collection sources (quantitative, qualitative or both), data collection and analysis processes. You should provide sufficient detail to allow the work to be replicated. Methods already published should be indicated by a reference.
  • In findings and comments part, the obtained data should be presented clearly. Meaning of the findings should be explained. They should not be compared with the literature. The results of the study should be explained with tables, diagrams, graphics or pictures in a way that supports the aim and problem of the study.
  • In tables font size 10 must be used and vertical lines must be not be drawn. Number of the table and the title must be written above the table.
  • Figures are centered. Use or insert .jpg, .tiff, or .gif illustrations instead of PowerPoint or graphic constructions.
  • In discussion and conclusion part, in the light of the importance of the study, the results should be discussed referring to literature and author opinions. Suggestions should be made based on the results of the study.
  • References section should be arranged in accordance with APA style. Before submitting your manuscript, please ensure that every in-text citation has a corresponding reference in the reference list. Conversely, ensure that every entry in the reference list has a corresponding in-text citation.


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