- Manuscripts submitted to the Ardahan University Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (ARÜ FEAS) for the purpose of publication should not have been previously published in any platform or sent to be published in any publication platform.

- If the manuscript is accepted for publication (see process chart), author(s) must fill in and sign (wet signature) the Copyright Release Form and properly scan it and send it to the system as a pdf file at the publishing stage, not when applying for its articles to be evaluated for publication in ARÜ FEAS.

- Manuscripts that do not fill in the Copyright Release Form properly or whose signature is missing cannot proceed to the ready-for-publication stage and therefore cannot be added to the accepted articles list of the journal or placed in the order of publication.

- In case the manuscripts are accepted for publication, all publication rights belong to ARÜ FEAS indefinitely. ARÜ FEAS reserves the following rights by taking the transfer of the publishing rights of the articles from the author(s):

   • Patent rights,

   • All unregistered rights except copyright,

   • The right to reproduce the article for its own purposes, provided that it does not sell,

   • The author's right to use all or part of the work in her/his own books and other academic works, provided that the source is indicated,

   • The right to store it on personal websites or in the academic archive system of the university to which it is affiliated, and to make it available for open access through this system, provided that the work identity disc is specified.