Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Ankara Üniversitesi SBF Dergisi’s Editorial Board, Associate Editors, Advisory Board, authors, and referees commit to prevent malpractices in publishing.
Open Access

The authors retain the copyrights of their published articles. Ankara Üniversitesi SBF Dergisi is an open and free access journal. Articles are made freely available to readers as soon as they are accepted for publication under the Creative Commons License of CC BY-NC-ND. There is no embargo period. We do not charge authors at any stage of the processes of submission and publication. Readers can download, print, share, search, or link to the articles without any restrictions. Authors should be given appropriate credit. Articles cannot be changed and they cannot be used for commercial purposes.
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All manuscripts sent to Ankara Üniversitesi SBF Dergisi are evaluated according to their academic and scientific content regardless of authors’ gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnicity, nationality, and political beliefs. Reviewers should consult the editor before agreeing to review a manuscript for which they have a potential conflict of interest, which may arise from a competitive, collaborative, or other relationship or affiliation with any of its authors.


Plagiarism occurs in the form of presenting someone else's work as one's own work, copying someone else's work without citation as it is or by altering it, and owning the results of research done by others. All forms of plagiarism are an unethical behavior and unacceptable.

Ankara Üniversitesi SBF Dergisi follows a strict policy on plagiarism. The Editorial Board ensures the originality of the manuscripts by uploading them to the iThenticate plagiarism prevention program before publication. The Editorial Board, Associate Editors, and the Advisory Board immediately examine all allegations of scientific misconduct, especially plagiarism, regarding the published articles. In case of detecting plagiarism or a third party copyrighted material without permission or with incomplete notification in a manuscript, the Editorial Board reserves the right to take various actions, including retracting the article, reporting the issue to the department chair, the dean in the institution where the author works and/or relevant academic institutions.

Conflict of Interest

All authors should disclose any financial interests that they may have with other individuals or institutions and may be considered to improperly influence their work in the article.


Ankara Üniversitesi SBF Dergisi is obliged to keep the articles sent for publication confidential and not to use the information obtained from the refereeing process for their personal benefits. AU SBF Journal’s Editorial Board, Associate Editors and Advisory Board ensure to protect the confidentiality of all material sent to the journal and all correspondence with referees, unless otherwise agreed with the relevant authors and referees. Reports or information about the article cannot be shared with others. Reviewers do not communicate directly with authors without the written permission of the Editorial Board.