ISSN: 1302-1761
e-ISSN: 2645-9051
Founded: 1999
Publisher: Değişim Yayınları
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Bilgi Journal of Social Sciences (Bilgi) started its publication life in 1999 in print by Değişim Publishing and continued in print for 19 years. Since 2018, it continues to be published digitally as an e-journal.*

Bilgi accepts theoretical and empirical papers in the field of social sciences and expects a minimum level of original contribution from studies for publication.

Bilgi is a peer-reviewed and scientific journal published twice a year, in May and November every year.

The publication language is Turkish. However, articles in English are accepted.

All content of Bilgi is offered to users free of charge in an “open access” manner. Content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 system.

According to the SOBIAD 2021 report, Bilgi's Impact Factor is 0.483.

There is no application fee and no fee is charged for any process. 

In Bilgi, the blind referee process is operated and at least two referees are assigned for each article.
In Bilgi, researches are examined on form conditions, plagiarism and language proficiency without sending to the referees. Plagiarism reports and ethics committee reviews are requested from the authors.


Acceptance rate60%
Publicaiton time, on average6 weeks
Referee process, on average30 days

The total number of citations is since 1999

The total number of citations is since 2016



Bilgi Editorial Board

*In order to reach the printed version of the issues of the journal before 2018, you can contact with Değişim Yayınları.

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