The aim of bilig, which publishes social science articles produced in the Turkic world as well as articles focusing on the Turkic world itself, has been specified in the editorial principles in the following way: “bilig aims to present the cultural riches as well as the historical and contemporary realities of the Turkic world within a scientific framework. It also aims “to present to the public scientific studies of international quality focusing on the Turkic World.” Furthermore, the editorial principles state that “bilig publishes articles that approach the current and historical problems of the Turkic world from a scientific perspective, proposing solutions to these issues.” It is also stated that submissions to the journal should be original articles evaluating previous studies in the field and should produce new and worthwhile ideas. Yet another statement relates to how bilig is also interested in publishing essays introducing authors and works and announcing new and recent activities related to the Turkic world. Here it should be remembered that the phrase “Turkic world” means both social science articles related to the Turkic world and social science articles produced in the Turkic world. Actually, it is somewhat difficult to draw a sharp line between the two meanings, as the published articles in bilig also demonstrate. However, in recent years the major increase in the number of submissions to bilig has led the editorial board to put more emphasis on social science articles focusing on the Turkic world itself.

Ahmet Yesevi University Board of Trustees