ISSN: 2757-8100
Founded: 2020
Publisher: Bursa Uludağ University
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Dear Academicians,

Studies to be published in the International Journal of Biosystems Engineering should include observations, measurements, theoretical and process studies, modeling, and data analysis on agricultural energy systems, agricultural machinery, agricultural structures and the environment, soil and water resources, and should be new, important and original. International Journal of Biosystems Engineering publishes original research and review articles in all relevant fields of Agriculture and Engineering Faculties in Turkish and English languages ​​twice a year (June and December). The articles submitted to the International Journal of Biosystems Engineering, processing, publishing, refereeing, etc. No fees are charged under the headings. In our journal, article reviews are done by the subject's experts according to the blind review system. The similarity rate of the articles to be sent to our journal should be below 20%.

Our journal, which we think will contribute to the low number of journals in Biosystems Engineering in the international scientific community, will bring a new breath to the Biosystems Engineering community. In this context, we await your contributions as an author with the articles you will send to our journal, and as a referee, you will evaluate the articles.