ISSN: 2791-7444
Founded: 2021
Publisher: Çevre Vakfı
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The physical, biological, chemical, economic, cultural and social system in which human and all other living things interact throughout their lives is called the Environment. While the environment contains many living and non-living elements, it is established on the basis of various balances and cycles. In order to create a sustainable environment for all living things, it is necessary to protect these natural balances or to rehabilitate the disturbed balances. Under the leadership of the Environmental Foundation, which was established in 1999 and has made it its mission to develop a sustainable environment and increase the quality of life through academic and educational studies, it has been decided to launch the Journal of Sustainable Environment in 2018. The aim of the Journal of Sustainable Environment is to create a versatile platform that will contribute to the creation of awareness for a sustainable environment and the sharing of knowledge and experience. The platform aims to provide scientific-based communication and information sharing among relevant public administrators, private sector managers, academicians, professionals and volunteers through publications.

Journal of Sustainable Environment started the publication life in 2021 in order to contribute to develop the sustainable environment.