Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

1- Journal of Academic Research in Religious Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal and is published every six months (March-September).

2- For the March issue, between 1 November and 1 December; For the September issue, articles will be accepted between May 1 and June 1.

3- The publishing right of all articles sent to the journal belongs to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Academic Research in Religious Sciences.

4- Journal of Academic Research in Religious Sciences reserves the right to make corrections, publish or not publish the submitted works.

5- The legal responsibility of all works published in the Journal of Academic Research in Religious Sciences belongs to the author and cannot be associated with the Editorial Board of the Journal of Academic Research in Religious Sciences.

6- Articles by an author are not published in consecutive issues.

7- Spelling and spelling errors that may be found in the texts belong to the author.

8- In the article text, the author's name and surname, imprint information and, if the article is thesis, project, notification, etc., must be included. If it was produced, there should be no information about it. All such information should be in the Author Information Form and sent separately from the article. The author information form must be downloaded from the system during the uploading phase of the article and uploaded at the first application after filling in the necessary information.

9- In order for translated articles to be processed, the article must receive a certain number of citations (at least 5) in its original language.

10- For studies submitted as book review, an abstract, keywords and bibliography must be added. In addition, the work to be evaluated is expected to have been published within the last 5 years.

11- In studies produced from the thesis, the author's name should appear first.

12- In studies requiring ethics committee permission, it is important to upload the relevant document to the system together with the article.

13- In articles with multiple authors, the document stating the author contribution rates must be signed by the parties and uploaded as an additional file with the article.

14- In submitted studies, the text's compliance with ISNAD 2nd version must be checked manually.

15- Articles sent for publication are subjected to PRELIMINARY REVIEW (compliance with spelling rules and isnad citation system, plagiarism screening), ADVISORY BOARD EVALUATION, REFEREE EVALUATION and LANGUAGE CHECK stages.

16- During the publication acceptance period, which will last 1 month, articles will only be subject to preliminary examination and studies that do not comply with the journal standards will be rejected.

17- Studies that pass the preliminary examination stage will be presented to the advisory board for evaluation and will be scored. Following the review phase, which will last 15 days from the end of the publication acceptance period, the first 20 studies with the highest scores will be included in the evaluation process in which at least two referees will take part within the framework of the double-blind referee principle.

18- The process of the works that do not make it into the top 20 in the ranking will be terminated and will not be processed again in the same publication period.

19- Articles should be sent to in the desired format. Articles that do not reach us in the required format will not be evaluated.

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