Writing Rules


1- Articles submitted to the journal (including title, abstract, and bibliography) should be written not to exceed 9000 words.

2- The article must be written using Times New Roman font. The article must have a top title, an English title, a short summary in Turkish and English of 100-150 words, 3-5 keywords not mentioned in the article title, and a 750-word comprehensive summary in English. Articles written in Turkish and Arabic have extensive summaries in English; In articles written in English, the extended summary should be in Turkish. In articles written in a foreign language, the title must also be in Turkish. The comprehensive summary should be included in the first version of the article.

3- In the article text, the author's name-surname, imprint information and, if the article is thesis, project, notification, etc., must be included. If it was produced, there should be no information about it. All such information should be in the Author Information Form and sent separately from the article. The author information form must be downloaded from the system during the uploading phase of the article and uploaded at the first application after filling in the necessary information.

4- The article should be prepared in one of the Zotero, Endnote, Citavi or Mendeley programs and the page margins should be set as follows:

Paper Size: Portrait A4
Top Margin: 2.5 cm
Bottom Margin: 2.5 cm
Left Margin: 2.5 cm
Right Margin: 2.5 cm
Font: Times New Roman
Font Style: Normal
Size (normal text): 12 points
Size (footnote text): 10 points
Line Spacing: single


1- The font should be Times New Roman, 12 point and Bold.

2- The article title should be in all capital letters, and all other titles, such as English titles and in-article headings, should have only the first letter in capital letters.

3- In the title section of the article, there should be no numbering in the Introduction and Conclusion headings, other headings should either not be numbered at all or should be 1., 2., 1.1., 1.2. 1.1.1., 1.1.2. Numbering should be followed as follows.

Body Text:

1- The body text font should be Times New Roman, 12 point, justified, only the first line should be indented 1.25 and should be single-spaced.

2- For articles written in Arabic, the font should be Traditional Arabic.

3- Spelling Check in the text should be as free as possible from possible spelling errors through grammar scanning.


1- Quotations should be written in italics within double quotes (“…”).


1- The font should be Times New Roman, 10 points, single line spacing, justified, no indentation, hanging 0.5 cm and must be written according to the ISNAD 2 citation system.

2- There must be a space and a tab between the footnote numbers and the footnote text.


1- The font should be Times New Roman, 10 point, justified, no indentation, hanging 1 cm and must be in accordance with the ISNAD 2 citation system. Especially in Arabic articles, the References should be written in Latin letters.

2- Journal of Religious Sciences Academic Research uses the Isnad 2nd Edition Citation Style (The Isnad 2 Citation Style) in citation and bibliography writing.

The Isnad 2 Citation Style:https://www.isnadsistemi.org/knowledgebase_category/isnad2/

Articles submitted contrary to these rules will definitely not be accepted!

In order to achieve a common standard, the above Article Writing Conditions must be followed under absolute conditions. You can contact us at db@dinbilimleri.com for your questions and problems regarding article writing.