e-ISSN: 2822-4175
Founded: 2022
Publisher: Selcuk University
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Submissions are invited for DEPARCH Journal of Design, Planning and Aesthetics Research. A free, open access, peer-reviewed, e-journal. We welcome original research articles, critiques and book reviews.
DEPARCH Journal of Design, Planning and Aesthetics Research explores the aesthetics of design, architecture and planning for all aspects of the built and natural environment. This includes architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, spatial design, virtual reality, design technology, urban planning, sustainable cities, architectural engineering and inter/multi-disciplinary research.
DEPARCH covers research, practice and education, seeking to develop theoretical and methodological innovations which explore the multivarious aspects of environmental aesthetics. Submissions can cover theoretical discussions, methodological developments, as well as empirical studies and built environment practice.
DEPARCH is of interest to disciplines as varied as architecture, environmental psychology, human history, conservation, heritage and cultural studies.
DEPARCH has no article submission charges.
DEPARCH is published twice a year, in Spring and Fall.
DEPARCH is published by Selcuk University Rectorate.


Open access articles in DEPARCH are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.