Aim & Scope

DİYALOG is the publishing organ of GERDER, the Turkish Association of Germanists.


DİYALOG addresses readers who are interested in intercultural and comparative topics and/or works in the fields of multilingualism or multiculturalism. Even though, there seem to be a connection between the Turkish spelling of “Diyalog” and the German one of "Dialog", articles can be submitted in diverse topics of culture, language or literature from all over the world. Multiculturalism, interculturalism and multilingualism could be also topics of the articles. The topics of the articles are from the fields of German language teaching, literary studies, linguistics and translation studies. DİYALOG is an international, peer-reviewed journal that is published online twice a year. The first issue appeared in 2013.

DİYALOG has the following properties:


(I.) The official name of the journal is "DİYALOG: Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanistik".


(The journal is the continuation of an earlier journal with the same name; back then published by the Goethe-Institut in Ankara. The publication of the former journal was stopped in 1999. All necessary forms of permission was granted by the Goethe-Institut at the request of the GERDER board to publish the journal with the same name and to offer pdf links of all printed copies on the website of GERDER).


(II.) The administration of DİYALOG owns the following complete duties and authorizations:


A: The owner (sahibi, owner) of DİYALOG is GERDER. Therefore, GERDER is responsible for all economic aspects of the journal. The GERDER board of directors are allowed to take all necessary bureaucratic and formal steps to put the journal onto the SSCI and other international indexes.  


B: The editorial board of the journal (yayın kurulu, editorial board) consists of Prof. Dr. Nuran Özyer (Ankara), Prof. Dr. Mahmut Karakuş (İstanbul), Prof. Dr. Tahsin Aktaş (Nevşehir), Prof. Dr. Cemal Yıldız (İstanbul) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tahir Öncü (Izmir).


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tahir Öncü is the editor-in-chief (başeditör, Editor-in-Chief) and the responsible head/publication director (Sorumlu Müdür/ Publications Director). The group of editors is responsible for the content of the journal and decides on the final form of the journal’s issue.


C: Assigned to the chairing editor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tahir Öncü (başeditör, Editor-in-Chief), there is an editorial team (editörler) consisting of Prof. Dr. Leyla Coşan, Prof. Dr. Yasemin Balcı, Dr. phil. Halit Üründü, Dr. phil. Özlem Gencer Çıtak, who also manage all works of the journal.


D: The scientific advisory board (hakemler kurulu, advisory board) consists of several scientists from all over the world. Submitted contributions to the journal are delivered to members of the scientific advisory board for the review.


The group of editors is responsible for forming a qualified scientific advisory board.


(III.) As an intercultural journal, "DİYALOG: Intercultural Journal of German Studies" publishes articles from the fields of linguistics, literary studies, German language teaching and translation studies. The articles have to contain an intercultural or comparative component. The editorial board decides on the content of "interculturalism" and "comparativeness".


(IV.) The essays, which are to be published, must be written in German or Turkish and contain a German/Turkish and an English title and abstract. The upper limit of articles in Turkish are %30.


(V.) The editorial board can publish thematic books or journals within the scope of “DİYALOG”. The editorial board will decide on this based on the quantity of articles.


(VI.) The journal appears twice a year.


(VII.) The publication guidelines of the journal are drawn up by the editorial board.


(VIII.) “DİYALOG” is an international and peer-reviewed journal. Submitted contributions go through double-blind reviews. If needed, the editor-in-chief can include a third reviewer to engage.


(IX.) The editor-in-chief of the journal is commissioned by the GERDER board. The appointment of the editorial board takes place on the proposal of the editor-in-chief with the final decision of the GERDER Executive Board.


(X.) The journal is published electronically on the GERDER’s official homepage, and also on

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