Aim & Scope

The aim of the Electronic Journal of Education Sciences (EJEDUS) is to contribute to the development of the educational sciences by giving place to national and international research on education. In addition, EJEDUS, which aims to benefit all educational stakeholders with its qualified and original studies, aims to spread the theoretical and applied academic studies towards the development of education policy and to solve the educational problems both locally and globally. 

In the Electronic Journal of Education Sciences (EJEDUS), national and international studies that contribute to the educational literature, have a strong theoretical background and framework, and have a well-designed research model and analysis are included. 

In this context, in addition to the information produced in various fields of educational sciences, quantitative, qualitative, mixed methodological research results and original compilation studies are published.

The topics covered in this context are the topics covered by the journal; sports education, biology education, geography education, environmental education, education and culture, democracy and human rights education, educational policy, curriculum and instruction, educational psychology, educational technology, education management, philosophy of education, science education, physics education, chemistry education , mathematics education, vocational technical education, music education, preschool education, teacher education and training, measurement and evaluation, special education, psychological counseling and guidance, health education, social studies education, sociology education, history education, Turkish education, distance education , foreign language education, lifelong learning, adult education.