Aim & Scope

Ekonomi-tek is a peer-reviewed journal published bi-annually (March and September) by the Turkish Economic Association Foundation. The journal aims to publish the findings of theoretical and applied research in all fields of economics.

Ekonomi-tek is a general-interest economics journal and publishes original papers on economics in English or Turkish. The research presented in the paper should be designed in accordance with the economic literature on the topic. Descriptions of the main arguments and results in the paper should be presented using concepts and theories in economics, and the author(s) should avoid normative discussions and judgments. The journal also accepts book reviews.

Submitted manuscript should also meet the following criteria:
1. Clarity of writing
2. Adequate paper structure
3. Clear elaboration of contribution to the knowledge in economics
4. The literature reviewed and cited should be appropriate and provide a robust theoretical foundation for the research presented in the paper
5. Clear description and relevance of data and methods used in the study.

Period Months
March September