Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Ekonomi-tek considers ethical principles from Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and UAK Research and Publication Ethics.

For Authors:
Submitted paper should not have been published previously or should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Author(s) must strictly follow publication ethics rules.
The author(s) should strictly follow citation rules and must not misleadingly manipulate the data and the empirical results.
The author(s) should describe their methods clearly and unambiguously.
If submitted paper is a joint work, all authors shall take collective responsibility for submitted and published work.

For Editor:
Editor’s responsibility shall be limited to the evaluation of the paper for plagiarism, compliance with the journal's purpose and quality standards.
Editor shall make fair and unbiased decisions and ensure a fair, appropriate and transparent peer review process.
Editor shall critically assess the ethical conduct of studies in humans and animals.
Editor shall pursue any misconduct during the review stage.

For Referees:
The review process at Ekonomi-tek is carried out on the principle of double-blind review. Reviewers do not contact the authors directly, and the reviews and comments are conveyed through the journal management system. In this process, the referees’ comments on the evaluation forms and/or on submitted texts shall be sent to the author(s) by the editor.
Referees should declare all potential competing, or conflicting, interests.
Referees should be constructive and encouraging and should avoid making derogatory personal comments that include hostility, slander and insult.
Ekonomi-tek aims to complete review stage as soon as possible. Therefore, referees should respond to an invitation to peer review within a reasonable timeframe, even if she/he cannot undertake the review. If the referee feels qualified to judge the manuscript, should agree to review only if she/he is able to return the evaluation report within the proposed or mutually agreed timeframe.

Ekonomi-tek is a peer-review journal published tri annually (January, May and September) The journal accepts original papers on economics written in English or Turkish. Ekonomi-tek does not ask any submission and publication fee. Consequently, Ekonomi-tek does not pay royalty fee to the author(s) for the articles published in the journal.
Submitted paper should not have been published previously or should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Acceptance of an article for publication automatically transfers copyright of the article to Ekonomi-tek.
Ekonomi-tek has the right to publish, not publish and make corrections to the submitted articles.
Evaluation process consists of three stages:
1. Pre-evaluation by editor: The editor checks the submitted paper for plagiarism, compliance with the journal's purpose and quality standards. The editor also may ask the author(s) to revise the paper it is not written according to the writing guide. At end of this stage the editor decides to send to the referees or to reject the paper, and informs the corresponding author about the status of the article.
2. Double blind peer review: The editor sends the submitted paper to referees who are expert in the field of the paper. Following detailed evaluation, the referees make a decision as “accept without revision”, “minor or major revision” or “not to publish” and send their evaluation report to the editor. The editor sends the comments of the referees to the corresponding author if the decision is not “accept without revision”.
3. Revision (if the referees’ decisions are not “accept without revision” or “not to publish”): The editor may ask the author(s) to submit supplementary documents to complete review process. Author(s) should revise their paper in line with the referees' reports.

As the article accepted for the publication, editor send a “Copyright Transfer Form” to the author(s) to be signed and mailed back to the editor. If the author(s) failed to complete this stage, the paper is not published.
All legal responsibilities related with the published article, such as violation of publication ethics rules, conflict of interests, views expressed in the article, belongs to the author(s). Completion of the evaluation process and publication of the paper by Ekonomi-tek does not remove the responsibility of the author (s).
By submitting the paper to Ekonomi-tek, the author(s) confirm(s) that she/he/they has/have understood and verified the publication policy of Ekonomi-tek.