Aim & Scope

The aim of the Journal of Education, Theory and Practical Research is to contribute to the field by publishing theories and applied academic studies of scientific value.

JETPR (EKUAD) is an international refereed online and printed publication tool that includes non-profit and academic studies, started to be published in 2015. JETPR (EKUAD) is published every four months, three times a year, simultaneously in Turkish and English.

JETPR (EKUAD) includes theory and applied academic studies in education.

JETPR (EKUAD) publishes high-quality quantitative, qualitative and mixed research articles that have a unique value in educational fields, as well as theoretical studies. Within the scope of JETPR (EKUAD), publications containing the following themes are made,

- Studies that determine the basic problems in all education levels and examine the applications,
- Studies that determine the competencies of education stakeholders and include improving education processes,
- Studies on innovative teacher education practices that increase teacher candidates' qualifications, examine and apply teacher education models,
- Meta-analysis, meta-synthesis studies for all educational fields,
- All studies that can affect the development of students who continue their education process,
- Interdisciplinary studies that develop a new model in the field of education,
- Studies in which measurement ensturments for education were developed and tested,
- Studies involving technology integration in educational practices in the field of education,
- Theoretical studies to be done in the field of education,
- Training studies in the fields of Vocational Education and Practice.

Studies in the field of basic science (eg Engineering, Chemistry) outside the field of education are excluded from the publication scope of JETPR (EKUAD).

Period Months
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