Referee Processes

Refereeing and Publishing Processes
1. Articles sent to be published in JETPR (EKUAD) must not have been published in another journal or sent for publication. Papers previously presented in a congress - on the condition that the entire work has not been published in the congress book - and articles compiled from the postgraduate thesis should be indicated at the end of the page with a footnote containing the necessary information. All responsibilities of the published articles belong to the author (s).
2. The studies that reach the journal are pre-examined by the Editorial Board in terms of the scope of the journal and compliance with the writing rules. Studies deemed appropriate as a result of this review are submitted to the evaluation of at least two referees by blind review method. After the invitation letter has been sent to the referee, the referee has 10 days to agree to evaluate the research manuscript. After the referee accepts the evaluation, 30 days are given to evaluate the research manuscript. Instead of the referees who have not completed the evaluation within this period, an invitation is sent to a new referee to evaluate the study. In order for the candidate study to be published in the journal, a positive opinion of at least two referees is required. If one of the referees gives a positive opinion and the other gives a negative opinion, the study is submitted to a third referee's opinion. The author (s) are obliged to make the corrections suggested by the referee (s) (if any) within 20 days. Articles that receive a publishable report from the referee (s) and have been controlled by the journal editor enter the publishing process. Articles are given in the final form by the author (s). Articles accepted for publication are typed to give a DOI number. They are then published in an appropriate issue upon the decision of the Editorial Board. No changes can be made on the articles that have been finalized and taken into the publication process. Authors can retract their work while they are in the pre-check phase. It is not possible to withdraw studies that are under referee evaluation.
3. The referee (s) are not given information about the author (s), and the author (s) about the identity information of the referee (s).