ISSN: 2564-7946
Founded: 2016
Publisher: İktisadi Kalkınma ve Sosyal Araştırmalar Derneği
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Al Farabi International Journal of Social Sciences is available 4 times a year, is a refereed international academic journal. Al Farabi-Injosos is published by the Economic Development and Social Research Association. The aim of the journal is to encourage theoretical and research-oriented studies and to encourage sharing academic research nationally and internationally. Al Farabi-Injosos is an open access journal for free flow of information and publication of information. Although Al Farabi-Injosos has been published in a multidisciplinary focusing on applications from the academic community, it is an out-of-field and high-level postgraduate. Journal, English, Turkish, Chinese, Russian and Kazakh articles are accepted. Anthropology, Archeology, Business and Management Studies, Communication Studies, Economics, Educational Sciences, Geography, History, International Business Studies, International Relations, International Trade and Logistics, Law, Linguistics Literature, Philosophy and Sociology. The aim of Al Farabi-Injosos will aim to increase the quality in the social sciences. The submitted evaluation is evaluated by at least 2 referees through the blind-referee system. Acceptable.

The open access statement