Year 2020, Volume 5 , Issue 3, Pages 1 - 7 2020-09-30


Ayşe Füsun GÖNÜL [1]

Digital political parties entered the political arena in first quarter of twenty-first century as an alternative to the representation crisis of traditional political parties. The purposes of digital parties are to realize direct democracy and participation through internet channels. The proliferation of digital politic techniques will contribute to the politics in pandemic period. The political activities are cancelled all through the world because of COVID-19 pandemic and in most countries the elections are postponed to uncertain dates. The governments take serious precautions to prevent the pandemic and people are concerned about the changes of regimes from democracy to authoritarianism. The digital parties which are formed to realize direct democracy, to increase political participation, transparency and digital political techniques create alternatives to unhygienic face to face politics and risky crowded meetings. They are recommended as solutions to actualize the postponed elections, meetings and to protect democracy.
Dijital Partiler, Dijital Siyaset, Demokrasi, COVID-19, Digital Parties, Digital Politics, Democracy
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Subjects Humanities, Multidisciplinary
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Orcid: 0000-0002-6476-7484
Author: Ayşe Füsun GÖNÜL (Primary Author)
Country: Turkey


Application Date : June 26, 2020
Acceptance Date : September 24, 2020
Publication Date : September 30, 2020

APA Gönül, A . (2020). COVİD-19 VE SİYASETİN DİJİTAL DÖNÜŞÜMÜ . Al Farabi Uluslararası Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi , 5 (3) , 1-7 . Retrieved from