Vision: To promote holistic FMGT literacy (integrated SMET literacy)

Mission: To contribute to the formation of sub-components that will provide holistic FMGT literacy. These subcomponents are; Science-Mathematics, Science-Technology, Science-Entrepreneurship, Mathematics-Technology, Technology-Entrepreneurship, Mathematics-Entrepreneurship.

Publishing Principles and General Rules

1. Articles that have been previously published or determined to be published elsewhere will not be published. The authors are responsible for the legal consequences of published articles in the context of copyright, since they have been published elsewhere, or not specified or determined.

2. copyright of all articles published in the Journal of Educational Turkey FMGT, legal and scientific responsibilities belong to their authors.

3. The articles published in the Journal of FMGT Education can only be quoted by showing the source. Persons or organizations that cite and publish any possible distortions in the content of the article are responsible to the law.

4. After the article is registered to the Journal of FMGT Education, the articles sent are first evaluated by the editorial board. Manuscripts that do not comply with the aims of the journal are not evaluated.

5. Editorial Board may change the words it deems necessary in the article.

6. Articles approved by the Editorial Board are sent to two different referees. No information is given to the authors about the identity of the referees who evaluated the article and to the referees about who the article was sent to.

7. The articles that can be published are determined by the relevant department editor in line with the suggestions from the referees. If the number of articles found by the editors of the department is more than the total number of articles to be published in that issue, the Editorial Board decides which articles will be published. If necessary, articles can be sent to more than two referees.

8. Articles not approved by both referees are not published. If only one of the referees does not find it appropriate, the editor of the journal will make the final decision.

9. Referee criticism of an article that can be published on condition that it is corrected is reported to the author (s). It is essential to make the necessary corrections by considering the opinions, suggestions and reasons given by the referees by the author / s. The final corrected form of the article should be submitted to the editor within twenty days. However, the author (s) may object to requests for correction, provided they show evidence. In this case, consultation of at least one member of the Board of Arbitrators is applied. If the referee whose opinion is sought considers the author (s) unfair, the article will not be published.

10. Major changes to the text are not accepted. If necessary, the article can be sent to the referees again.

11. Possible measures are taken by the Editorial Board for the referees to state their assessment of the article sent to them within an acceptable period. If necessary, other referees / referees are appointed and the articles submitted are tried to be prevented from losing their currentness.

12. There is no fee for articles published in the Journal of FMGT Education.

13. Articles sent to the Journal of FMGT Education are not sent back, whether they are published or not.

14. Authors can check the information about the articles they have sent in the "Publication Tracking" section.