"THE JOURNAL OF FOOD" is published for the Association of Food Technology-Turkey. The Editorial Mission of "THE JOURNAL OF FOOD" is to offer scientists, researchers, and other food professionals the opportunity to share knowledge of scientific advancements in the various fields of food science and technology, through a respected peer-reviewed publication.


This authoritative and well-established journal publishes papers in both English and Turkish in all fields of food science and technology, provided that they make a sufficient contribution to knowledge in these fields. Papers may cover original research in the various sciences associated with food, including new results obtained experimentally, descriptions of novel experimental methods that are important for food science and technology, or new interpretations of existing results. While the main target of the journal is to provide an international forum for original research and developments in food science and technology, review articles and notes (short concise communications) are also welcomed. Topics of only narrow local interest will not be accepted unless they have wider potential or consequences.


"THE JOURNAL OF FOOD" considers all manuscripts on the condition that they have been submitted only to "THE JOURNAL OF FOOD", that in whole or in part have not been published previously in any language other than as a thesis and an abstract of an oral or poster presentation, nor are they under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere, that their publication are approved by all authors, and that if accepted they will not be published elsewhere in the same form, without the written consent of the Association of Food Technology-Turkey. 


"THE JOURNAL OF FOOD" will only accept manuscripts in which there is Evidence of the Ethical Use of animals or harmful substances. When reporting experiments on human subjects, authors should also indicate whether the procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation and with the Helsinki Declaration (revised) of 1983.


It is the sole responsibility of authors to disclose any affiliation or involvement, either direct or indirect, with any organization with a financial interest in the subject matter or materials discussed in the manuscripts that may affect the conduct or reporting of the work submitted. Information about potential Conflict of Interest should be clearly stated on a separate page (cover page) at the time of submitting their manuscript. If deemed appropriate by the Editor, a general statement regarding disclosure will be included in the Acknowledgement.


There is no page charge for publication in "THE JOURNAL OF FOOD". 


Please read the instructions below carefully for details on the submission and preparation of manuscripts, the journal's requirements as well as information concerning the procedure after a manuscript has been accepted for publication in "THE JOURNAL OF FOOD". Manuscripts will be rejected without peer review if they do not comply with the author instructions or are beyond the scope of the journal.