Publication Principles

1. Mavi Atlas (e-ISSN: 2148-5232) is published online twice a year (April and October).

2. The manuscripts sent to the Journal fundamentally have to be related with the field of social sciences/humanities and they are categorized into two main groups. First group includes “Research Papers”. The manuscripts in second group consist of “Translation”, “Book Review”, “Discussion”, “Conversation” and “Conference and Seminar Texts” suitable for the aim of Journal and “News” about academic events related with the field primarily in Gümüşhane University.

3. Manuscripts in Turkish and English are accepted. (This matter is applied for the manuscripts in first group mentioned in “2nd Matter”. Manuscripts in second group in same matter must be Turkish. Besides, manuscripts of “Translation” category in given matter can be published in both target and source language according to the opinions of “Editorial board”).

4. All manuscripts sent to the Journal are examined by “Editorial Board” in terms of primarily content, writing guidelines and other aspects.

4.1. The manuscripts in the categories of “Research Paper” that are sent to the Journal have to get “Abstract” and “Keywords” in Turkish and English respectively (This matter is not applied to manuscripts in the category of Translation”, “Book Review”, “Discussion”, “Conversation” and “Conference and Seminar Texts” and “News” necessarily).

4.2. The manuscripts in the category of “Research Paper” that are sent to the Journal must be original, unpublished and cannot be submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere.

4.3. Blind referee system is applied to the manuscripts in the categories of “Research Paper”.

4.4. “Research Papers” those are suitable for “Publication Principles” are evaluated by at least two referees. Favourable reports of two referees are necessary so that such manuscripts can be accepted for publication. In case one of the reports is favourable and the other is unfavourable, relevant manuscript is sent to a third referee. “Editorial Board” decides approval or rejection of manuscript in accordance with report from third referee.

4.5. Whether manuscripts in the form of “Translation”, “Book Review”, “Discussion”, “Conversation”, “Conference and Seminar Papers” and “News” which is complying with “Publication Principles” will be published or not depends on reports of at least two members of “Editorial Board”.

4.6. Copyright problems of “Translation” manuscripts must be resolved by translator(s) and Faculty of Letters of Gümüşhane University is not a party of this matter in some way or another.

4.7. After the process mentioned above is completed, “Editorial Board” decides whether the manuscripts will be published as they are or after partially being edited. Results are sent to author(s). Manuscripts demanded for further revision should be delivered in a month at the latest.

5. Legal liability of manuscripts published in the Journal completely belongs to author(s) and opinions defended do not represent Faculty of Letters of Gümüşhane University.

6. No payments are made to the author(s) for published manuscripts.

7. Copyright of published manuscripts, whether declared or not, is accepted to be transferred to Mavi Atlas. This matter also shows that authors accept the rules of Open Journal Systems.

8. Citation is allowed provided that reference of journal is given.

e-ISSN: 2148-5232