ISSN: 1301-9597
e-ISSN: 2645-9043
Founded: 1974
Publisher: Ege Zootekni Derneği
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The Journal of Animal Production has been published as a peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Ege Zootekni Association, since 1974. The journal is published twice a year in June and December.

The journal publishes current studies as research and/or review articles in all areas of Animal Science (basic sciences, animal husbandry, animal welfare, genetics, biometry, animal nutrition and nutritional diseases, food/feed hygiene, technology, etc.) in English and in Turkish .

The aim of the journal is to contribute to national-international literature in all Zootechnical fields and to publish qualified original research articles.

The Journal of Animal Production evaluates articles free of charge and requires printing free from the accepted research articles sent to the other country.

The Journal of Animal Production gives priority to articles written in foreign languages. The Journal of Animal Production provides electronic and written access to scientific publications. All scientific articles can be accessed immediately after their publication.

Open access to articles is provided.


2024 - Volume: 65 Issue: 1


Creative Commons License Journal of Animal Production is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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