Aim & Scope

The Journal of Halal and Ethical Research, published by Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Halal Food R&D Center, aims to form a scientific/academic platform from different disciplines within the scope of halal and ethical research. Thus, it includes original research papers, reviews and reports on healthy halal food and nutrition, alternative food additives, ethical problems in food industry, food fraud detection and method development, cosmetic products and their additives, tourism and hotel management, gastronomy and other similar field or areas.

Within the scope of halal and ethical researches or issues;

·     Healthy Food and Nutrition,

·     Halal Food and Alternative Food Additives,

·     Ethical Problems in Food Industry,

·     Detection of Imitation/Fraud/Adulteration,

·     Method Development and Validation,

·     Cosmetic Products and Additives,

·     Medicine and Pharmaceuticals,

·     Society and Ethical Issues,

·     Tourism and Hotel Management, Gastronomy and other relevant fields.

Period Months
June December

Dizinler ve Platformlar / Indexes and Platforms

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