Aim & Scope

The journal Herbarium Turcicum is devoted to phylogenetic studies, modern herbarium techniques, computer-based plant identification including machine-learning and data-science-driven methods and morphometric studies, in order to fill the current gap in this type of literature. 

The journal's purpose and scope are summarized below:

1. New taxa, synonyms, transfers, revisional studies, typification studies

2. Plant taxa previously deposited in herbaria but not later collected and those preserved in herbaria but endangered in the wild

3. Organizational and digitization activities of herbaria

4. Herbarium stories: new species described from herbarium specimens, scientific work resulting from international collaborations among scientists working in various herbaria,

5. Herbaria and their relationships with other disciplines, such as molecular phylogeny, plant anatomy, forensic biology and graphology studies using herbarium specimens

6. Herbarium pests: modern techniques and methods of control

7. Herbarium curators and their academic lives

8. Interesting and historical collections

9. Live plant collections

10. Historical and ancient place and region names on herbarium labels

11. Invalid names persisting on herbarium labels

12. Monumental trees and their presentation

13. Plants and history

14. Plants in culture and art

15. Stories of plant epithets

16. Ethical rules

17. Herbarium techniques and innovations

18. Fighting pests and physical conditions

19. Herbarium types

20. Archaeobotanical studies and collections

21. Technology and herbaria, machine learning and digital classification studies

Period Months
March September