Plagiarism Detection

In accordance with its publishing policies, IDEAS: Journal of English Literary Studies obliges each submission/manuscript to be detected for plagiarism/similarity.

The plagiarism detection is done by iThenticate software.

Manuscripts should be detected for plagiarism/similarity by author(s) through iThenticate software and the similarity report should be uploaded to the Journal system with the manuscript. The matches which are found in each study after plagiarism detection are analysed by the Editorial Board in detail and those matches with correct reference and cross-reference are sorted and reported. The Board makes a final decision on the article in the light of the plagiarism detection report.

Authors should strictly avoid plagiarism, including self-plagiarism.

Except for the references section and quotes excluded, articles with similarity score over 15% are not evaluated.

Last Update Time: 7/19/23, 5:08:08 PM

IDEAS: Journal of English Literary Studies is published by The English Language and Literature Research Association of Türkiye (IDEA).