Writing Rules

Publication language of IDEAS: Journal of English Literary Studies is English. Papers should be between 4000-6000 words. Manuscripts must be submitted in English, including abstracts written both in English and Turkish. (Turkish abstracts of accepted articles by non-Turkish authors will be provided by the journal team.) The submitted manuscript should comply with the grammar rules and related scholarly literature.

Please use the journal template for your submission.

Manuscripts should be prepared as follows:

  • single-spaced written with a 2,5 cm margin on all sides of an Executive page layout,
  • 10-font size, CAMBRIA font,
  • 1,25 space between the lines,
  • 6 pt spacing after each main paragraph,
  • (alignment) justified paragraphs,
  • Referencing according to MLA 9 guidelines.
Please fill in and send the Copyright Transfer Form during your submission.

Please fill in and send the Ethics Board Waiver Form during your submission.

IDEAS: Journal of English Literary Studies is published by The English Language and Literature Research Association of Türkiye (IDEA).