Writing Rules

Font and Page Layout

Manuscripts submitted to Iğdır University Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences should be written in Microsoft Word environment using Times New Roman font, 12 pt, and single line spacing. The page structure should be A4, and the margins (right-left, top-bottom) should be 2.5 cm. Page numbers should be located at the bottom center of the page. Manuscripts that do not comply with the aforementioned form requirements are returned to their authors without being sent to the referees. The rate provided by a plagiarism detection program can be a maximum of 20%. The plagiarism report should be uploaded to the MTS together with the article.

The length of manuscripts submitted for publication should not exceed 8,000 words or 20 pages, including appendices and references. However, if the Editor and/or Editorial Board deems it appropriate, longer articles may be included in the evaluation process.

Cover page
The cover page of the manuscripts should include the following information about the author (s):
- Title of the article,
- Name (s) and title of the author (s),
- The institution to which the author (s) belongs,
- Author (s) ORCID information (s),
- Contact information of the author (s) (Full mailing address, telephone and fax number, e-mail address),
- Other relevant notes with the persons and/or institutions that were thanked in the study.
On the cover page, the title of the article should be written centred on the page in bold letters with the first letters of the words capitalized. Similarly, the names and surnames of the authors and their contact information should be written centred on the page with only the first letters in capital letters.
In case the number of authors is more than one, the author who will provide the communication between the Journal Editor and the authors should be specified. If the author to be contacted is not specified, the author sending the article to the Journal is contacted.
The cover page should be arranged separately from the article and sent to the system as a separate file.

Article file with author information; article title, abstract, keywords, introduction, main text, results, bibliography and appendices. The article should be sent to the system as a separate file. The following order should be followed in the articles submitted to the journal:
- Title,
- Abstract and keywords,
- Login,
- Main text,
- Conclusion,
- Explanatory notes (if any),
- References and
- Additions (if any).

The main title of the manuscript should be compatible with the content and should not be longer than 12 words. The title should be centred on the page in boldface, with the first letters of the words capitalized. For articles in Turkish, the title should be written in English and for articles in Turkish, the title should be written in Turkish.

Abstract and Keywords
At the beginning of the article, abstracts of a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 200 words should be written in Turkish and English. In summary; aim, method, findings and result information should be taken into consideration. Turkish and English abstracts should not be cited or abbreviated.
At least three (3) keywords that best describe the subject should be written in Turkish and English, leaving one line under the abstracts.

Main Text and Section Titles
The main text should be written in Times New Roman with 12 font size and justified. A single paragraph spacing (6 pt) should be given before and after the paragraph. The first lines of the paragraphs should start from 1 cm inside. The main headings and sub-headings of the manuscript should be numbered starting from the Introduction (except the bibliography) in a decimal form such as 1., 1.1., 1.1.1. Sub-distinction should be opened up to the third level (such as 1.2.4) in the text, and if necessary, the headings at the lower level should be written in italic and bold without giving a number. Only the first letter of all titles should be capitalized and written in bold. 12 nk, then 6 nk spaces should be left before the titles.

Tables and Figures
Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively (such as Table 1, Table 2, Figure 1) and should be located in the text. Table and figure captions should be written at the top of the table or figure and the bibliography of the table or figure should be written at the bottom. Tables and figures should be placed with their heads centred in the text. There should be a line title between tables and figures and text. Table, figure, etc. The text must be between 9-11 points. Table or data that disrupts the flow can be placed as “Appendix” at the end of the study.

Mathematical Equations and Formulas
Mathematical equations and formulas in the text should be centred. Mathematical expressions should be given a sequence number and the sequence numbers should be justified to the right of the page in parentheses. There should be a space between the equation and the text (6 nk).


Citations should be made in the text in accordance with the APA (American Psychological Association) citation format. When referring to the references, the surname of the authors, the date of publication and the page number should be indicated if one-to-one is quoted. If the surname of the author (s) is used in the sentence, only the date of publication in parentheses after the name is sufficient. When referring to the works with two authors, the surnames of both authors should be written. When the manuscripts are cited for the first time, the surnames of all authors should be written. Subsequent references to the same source should include only the surname of the first author and “et al... In the references cited for six or more authors, the surname of the first author should be written and et al. should be used in the first place in the text and in the following references. If more than one work of the author (s) has been cited in the same year, references such as a, b, c, etc. should be written at the end of the publication year. If more than one study is referred to at the end of the sentence, these references should be listed in parentheses on the publication date and a semicolon (;) should be placed between them.

Examples of References in the Text

Approximately 40% of trade between the European Union and the US is composed of transactions between parent companies and their affiliated companies (Stewart, 1993).

International transfer pricing has three strategic objectives (Hoshower and Mandel, 1986, p. 53).

Hoshower and Mandel (1986, p. 53) stated that international transfer pricing has three strategic objectives.

The Capital Asset Pricing Model (SVFM) does not indicate a statistically significant relationship between systematic risk (beta) and returns (Fama and French, 1996a, 1996b).

There is a relationship between customer satisfaction and profitability (Anderson, Fornell and Lehmann, 1994). Anderson et al. (1994) found that as customer satisfaction increased, customers were willing to pay higher prices.

 Bilici, Mete, Soylu, Bekaroğlu and Kavakçı (1998) investigated the relationship between burnout level and demographic characteristics. Bilici et al. (1998) found that demographic characteristics such as age, gender and marital status affect burnout.

The results of previous studies confirm the hypothesis that there is a relationship between high job satisfaction and low burnout level (Dolan, 1987; Penn, Romano and Foat, 1988; Rocca and Konstanski, 2001; Sobreques et al., 2003).

Explanatory Notes

Explanatory (final) notes in the text should be placed at the end of the article before the bibliography and should be written according to the order in the text (1, 2, 3, etc.).


APA citation style is used in the journal. The bibliography should be started from the page where the article ends and the works should be written in alphabetical order according to the last name. All references in the text should be cited in the bibliography; References that are not referenced should not be included in the bibliography. If more than one work of the same author (s) is cited, the publication date should start from the oldest. If more than one work of the author (s) is cited, references should be listed in the bibliography section by using the letters (a, b, c,…) after the publication date. If a single and multiple author work is cited, a single author should be written first. The page numbers of the articles published in the journals and chapters of the edited books must be written.

Title of the Journal in Turkish: Iğdır Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Dergisi

Title of the Journal in English: Iğdır University Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Abbreviated Title of the Journal: Iğdır iibf dergisi