Author Guidelines

Copyright Notice

Submission of an original manuscript to the Journal will be taken to mean that it represent original work not previously published, that it is not being considered elsewhere for publication; that the author is willing to assign copyright to the Journal as per a contract that will be sent to the author just prior to publication and, if accepted for publcation, it will be published in online and it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, for commercial purposes, in any language, without the consent of the publisher.

Author Guidelines

Please follow the following instructions:

Page Setup

The page settings will be as follows:


Top: 2.5 cm Bottom 2.5 cm

Left: 2.5 cm Right: 2.5 cm

Paper Portrait, A4 size (21 cm x 29.7 cm)

Title of Article

Times New Roman, Font size 14, Center the title

Author(S) Name

Times New Roman, Font size 12, Center the author(s) name

Organization Name and Address

Times New Roman, Font size 9


Abstract should be between 200 to 300 words. Times New Roman, Font size 11


Key words should consist of at least 3 different keywords. Times New Roman, Font size 9

All Text

Times New Roman, Font size 12, Single Spaced, justify both sides, First Line of all Paragraphs indented, No Line Breaks between Paragraphs, Line Breaks between sections.

In case of 2 columns

Column Width: 7.6 cm

Column Spacing: 0.8 cm

With equal column width

1. Introduction,

2. Literature Review,

3. Materials and Methods,

4. Results and Discussion,

5. Conclusions,



6. References,


Author(s), “Article Title”, Publication Name, Volume Number, Issue Number, Pages First Page-Last Page, Date of Publication.


Author(s), “Book Title”, Publisher, Date of Publication of the Book.

Web addresses, day/mounth/year


JPG and GIF format, Inserted immediately after the citation in the text.


Times New Roman, Font size 8-10 Inserted immediately after the citation in the text

File Format

The article format should be Microsoft word (Please, use format Microsoft word 1997-2003).

File Name

File name must be between two to four words. Use the title of your research paper as the file name. Avoid the words AP, Journal, Manuscript, Paper for AP – IJAET.