Ethics Committee Approval

Under the decisions taken by Ulakbim TR Directory, the Ethics Committee Permit is required for the works to be published as of 2020. The studies requiring the Ethics Committee Permission are listed below. While uploading your work to our journal, you should upload your Ethics Committee document along with your article file. If your study is not in the working group that requires ethics committee permission, you must sign the declaration form stating this situation and indicate the relevant situation in your article. TR INDEX Evaluation Criteria (ethics committee name, date, and number) included in Article 8 within the scope of the Assessment Criteria, the process in the method section of the article, as well as the first/last article of the article. It is mandatory to be on the page.

Research Requiring Ethics Committee Permission
Any research carried out with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using survey, interview, focus group work, observation, experiment, interview techniques,
Use of humans and animals (including material/data) for experimental or other scientific purposes,
Clinical researches on humans,
Researches on animals,
Retrospective studies under the law of protection of personal data.


Stating that the copyright regulations are complied with for the ideas and works of art used
Obtaining and expressing permission from the owners for the use of scales, surveys, and photographs of others
In the case of reports, it should be stated that the "Informed consent form" was taken.

Note: Before 2020, research data has been used, produced from master's / doctoral studies (should be specified in the article), retrospective ethics committee permit is not required for articles that have been submitted to the journal in the previous year, accepted but not yet published.

For the articles that are currently in our journal and whose Ethics Committee Approval is available, the responsible authors should be added to their studies as stated above after the evaluation process is finalized and will be published. Apart from this, research data before 2020 was used, produced from postgraduate/doctoral studies (should be specified in the article), and no retrospective ethics committee permission is required for articles that have been published in the journal in the previous year, accepted but not yet published. Our non-university researchers are also required to apply to the Ethics Committees in their region to obtain Ethics Committee Approval for their research requiring ethics committee approval.