Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

Submitted manuscripts are scanned for plagiarism. In studies with a similarity of 20% or more, the editorial board has the right to revise or reject them according to the similarity of content. Article similarity rate should not exceed 20%. Studies with plagiarism are returned. It is the author’s responsibility in this matter.

After plagiarism check, the eligible ones are evaluated by the editors in terms of criteria such as content, methodology, and subject. It is the editor's right to revise or reject it in this process if deemed necessary. The blind peer review process is commenced for eligible studies for evaluation.

Selected manuscripts are sent to two reviewers from abroad or Turkey. In cases where reviewers make different decisions, the manuscripts are sent to a third reviewer and the final decision is evaluated accordingly. After reviewer evaluations, it is possible that a study will be directly accepted, rejected or revision requested.

The studies for which revision is requested can be re-evaluated by the reviewer in line with the requests of the reviewers, or it is checked by the editor when the reviewer does not request to review it again. With the approval of the revisions, the final decision on the publication of the article is made.

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