Aim & Scope

Journal of Communication Theory and Research is a peer-reviewed, electronic, international journal published three times a year as free and open access by the Faculty of Communication of Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University. The journal has a wide social science focus and publishes theoretical and practical academic studies related to all areas where social sciences and communication disciplines intersect.

The aim of the Journal of Communication Theory and Research is to publish qualified national and international research that will contribute to the communication literature and help its development as a periodical. In line with these purposes, we are pleased to publish articles written on various subjects that will cover the sub-fields of communication and social sciences disciplines in the journal, which has an interdisciplinary perspective.

In this context, this journal accepts works such as compilations, research articles, forums, books, films, television programs, art presentations like short introductions and criticisms about communication products , national and international event reviews which contribute to the theoretical and conceptual development of this journal by having an original quality and complying with scientific publication principles.
Scientific studies written in Turkish and English are included in the journal.
The main topics that can be published within the scope of the journal are:
• Communication Sciences (individual, cultural, technological, economic, etc. dimensions of mediated communication)
• Public relations
• Journalism
• Advertising
• Marketing Communications
• Health Communication
• Political Communication
• Communication and Culture
• Enformation Studies
• Radio and Television Applications
• Film Studies

Period Months
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