Volume: 1 Issue: 2, 12/30/22

Year: 2022

Inspiring Technologies and Innovations (INOTECH) journal is international, multidisciplinary and aims to produce permanent and sustainable solutions to the problems in these fields by combining innovative approaches, especially on issues such as engineering, health, environmental problems, global problems and disasters, with current scientific developments and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligent technics, virtual reality, smart factories, machine learning methodology, smart cities, industry 4.0 application.

The journal also supports entrepreneurial researches that use innovative approaches to solve problems identified in all disciplines.

Inspiring Technologies and Innovations (INOTECH), is an International Journal that publishes original research reports, review articles and Express communications in various fields of multidisciplinary research between natural and applied sciences, social sciences and other science and technology disciplines.

Each article is sent to at least two referees related to its subject and examined in terms of form, content, original value, contribution to international literature and science/technology. After the deficiencies stated in the referee's opinions are completed, the articles that can be published in the journal are brought to the final print format and the approval of the final version of the article is obtained from the authors. Responsibility for errors that may be found in the article as it is published in the journal belongs to the authors.

The relevant contact information (address, e-mail and telephone) of the authors and other authors to be contacted in the applications should be given on the cover page. The similarity control of the articles should be done by the authors. Apart from the text of the article, "Copyright Transfer Form" and "Similarity Rate File" should be sent to our journal by the authors.

Copyright Transfer Form: The copyright transfer of articles is obtained by filling out and signing the form presented on the journal website. The publications of the authors who do not send the signed Copyright Transfer Form will not be evaluated. You can access the form by clicking the Copyright Transfer Form link.

Similarity Rate File: The full text of your article, including the references section, should be scanned with "iThenticate" or "Turnitin" programs. The similarity rate result you will receive from the relevant program must be uploaded to our system in PDF format.

Accepted articles are published free of charge on-line and in print from the journal website.

Writing rules:

Click Here To Access The Article Writing Template.

1. The journal is a scientific and double blind peer-reviewed publication of Kastamonu University, and is published two times in a year. The journal publishes original research reports, review articles, and open communications in various fields of multidisciplinary research across natural and applied sciences, social sciences, and other science and technology disciplines.

2. The submitted papers should be original, and they must not have been previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere.
3. Manuscripts must be written in scholarly English. Manuscripts will not be moved through the review process if the level of English is unacceptable.
4. Standard A4-size is preferred for papers. Manuscript should be written with double columns, and with equal column width and 0.8 cm of space between columns. Text should be justified both sides. Margins on the page should be 3-cm on each side, and 2.5-cm on top and bottom.
5. Manuscript text, except title, should be written in Times New Roman with 11-font size and single spacing using MS Word. Title should be in Arial with 14-font size. English and Turkish abstracts and References should be written with 10-font size and single spacing.
6. Decimals are shown by a full stop (e.g., 10.2).
7. Manuscripts should be arranged as follows: Title, Abstract and Keywords, Highlights, Graphical Abstract, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement, eclaration of Ethical Standards, Author’s Contributions, Conflict of Interest, References. Main manuscript document MUST NOT contain Author(s) name and affiliations of author(s). All author(s) information should be entered in the system during submission.
8. The main subtitles should be written in small letters with capitalized first letters. Subtitles should not be numbered.
9. A space should be left above subtitles. There should not be a space between subtitles and the first paragraph. All paragraphs should be indented (0.5 cm). There should not be any space between paragraphs.
10. All visual elements (graphs, pictures, maps, photographs etc.) should be named as “Figure”. Tables about numerical expressions should be named “Table”. Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively. Headings of figures should be replaced at the bottom of the figures, while headings of the tables should be placed on top of the tables. A space should be given after the headings. The first letter of first word of headings should be capitalized. If the figures and tables cannot fit one column, they should be centered using “section breaks” function in MS Word. The abbreviations used for tables and figures should be written clearly in the title of the related table or figure. Only horizontal lines should be given in tables.
11. The references must be written in APA References Style. http://www.apastyle.org/

Publication ethics are kept in the course of publication processes in Inspiring Technologies and Innovations (INOTECH) to assure the best practice guidelines and hence it is crucial for the journal’s editors, authors, and peer reviewers to abide by the ethical policies.

The journal Inspiring Technologies and Innovations (INOTECH) adheres to the principles outlined by the Editorial Ethics Committee (COPE) Code of Conduct and Journal Editors' Best Practice Guidelines (https://publicationethics.org/resources/code-conduct) and is transparent only. It publishes articles that comply not only with the principles but also with the guidelines established by best scientific practice COPE.

Inspiring Technologies and Innovations (INOTECH) Journal is a free open access journal for all readers. There is no publication fee, and all papers should be download freely. In addition, The jounal has no demand on submisson or processing charges from any of authors or readers.

Our journal has started to accept publications in English and Turkish as of January 2024. Turkish publications will be accepted with English Abstracts. You can download the Full Text writing template from the Writing Rules menu.