Year 2016, Volume 2 , Issue 1, Pages 85 - 95 2016-06-01

Economical Indicators Contribution of Tourism Industry to the Economy of the South Kazakhstan Region

Almas KURALBAYEV [1] , Burhan SEVİM [2] , Aktolkin ABUBAKIROVA [3]

The actuality of research by the fact that in the economy of Kazakhstan tourism is one of the most powerful factors that allow economies to develop, to introduce new technologies, to solve social problems is determined. That is why we often hear such features of tourism as "phenomenon of the twentieth century, the explosion of tourism", "tourism revolution". The article deals with the significance of tourism for regional economic and the possible prospects of its development. Also existing infrastructure and facilities natural and cultural heritage, taking into account the division into the traditional tourist centers was assessed. As a phenomenon of the national economy, tourism cannot be realized through central structures, as associated with a specific resource, natural geographic factor of regional characteristics. It requires broad decentralized organization and primarily at the regional level.
Management, tourism, inbound tourism, regional tourism
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Author: Almas KURALBAYEV

Author: Burhan SEVİM

Author: Aktolkin ABUBAKIROVA


Application Date : June 1, 2016
Acceptance Date : November 29, 2020
Publication Date : June 1, 2016

APA Kuralbayev, A , Sevi̇m, B , Abubakırova, A . (2016). Economical Indicators Contribution of Tourism Industry to the Economy of the South Kazakhstan Region . Uluslararası Kültürel ve Sosyal Araştırmalar Dergisi (UKSAD) , 2 (1) , 85-95 . Retrieved from