Year 2021, Volume 5 , Issue 1, Pages 78 - 84 2021-03-31

Effects of shoot tip colchicine applications on some grape cultivars

Zeki KARA [1] , Kevser YAZAR [2]

Polyploidization can provide changes in vital features such as growth, development, environmental stress tolerance in plants. Colchicine is one of the most commonly used chemicals as a polyploidization agent. In this study, 2-year-old ‘Ekşi Kara’, ‘Gök Üzüm’ and ‘Trakya İlkeren’ (2x, Vitis vinifera L.) saplings grown on their own roots were used. When the enforced shoots reached about 15 cm length, colchicine applied (0, 2.5 g L-1, 5 g L-1, 7.5 g L-1) 24 and 48 hours to the lateral shoot tips. The effects of treatments were evaluated by shoot tip viability, stoma size and density, chloroplast counts, and flow cytometry (FC) analysis, and ‘Kyoho’ (4x) used as control. The maximum stomatal variations were determined in Ekşi Kara cultivar at 2.5 g L-1 24-h application. Based on morphological differences, FC analysis was performed only in ‘Ekşi Kara’ but, there was no genomic duplication. Since the morphological differences were not sufficient in the diagnosis of polyploid in grape cultivars, FC analysis should be performed to achieve confirmed results. 
Grapevine, Cultivar development, Breeding, Chemical mutagen, Autotetraploidy
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Subjects Horticulture
Published Date March 2021
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Orcid: 0000-0003-1096-8288
Author: Zeki KARA
Country: Turkey

Orcid: 0000-0002-0390-0341
Author: Kevser YAZAR (Primary Author)
Institution: Selçuk Üniversitesi
Country: Turkey

Supporting Institution Selçuk University
Project Number Project Number: 15101013

Application Date : July 22, 2020
Acceptance Date : February 23, 2021
Publication Date : March 31, 2021

APA Kara, Z , Yazar, K . (2021). Effects of shoot tip colchicine applications on some grape cultivars . International Journal of Agriculture Environment and Food Sciences , 5 (1) , 78-84 . DOI: 10.31015/jaefs.2021.1.11