ISSN: 2717-9907
e-ISSN: 2717-9907
Founded: 2020
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Avrasya Sosyo-Ekonomik Araştırmalar Derneği (ASEAD)
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  • The Journal of Economics and Research (JER) focuses on current academic issues in the fields of Economics and Administrative Sciences. By publishing studies that are promising in the development of current academic issues, JER considers both bringing researchers who are interested in the same subject together and contributing to these issues as the main goal.
  • It is indexed in JER, EBSCOhost, Index Copernicus, Crossref and other reputable national-international indexes.
  • JER is published twice a year (April and September).
  • Double-blind refereeing system is used in the refereeing process, and the author(s) and referees cannot see each other's information in any way.
  • Ethics Committee Approval must be obtained for research conducted in all disciplines, including Social Sciences, and for clinical and experimental studies on humans and animals, requiring Ethical Committee Decision, according to the TR Index Journal Evaluation Criteria, and this approval should be stated and documented in the paper.
  • JER includes academic studies in Turkish and English languages.
  • TR Index 2021 journal evaluation criteria 13. according to the article, at the end of the article, the researchers ' contribution ratio statement, if any, a statement of support and gratitude, a statement of conflict should be included.