Ethical Principles


  • It is authors' responsibility to ensure that the submitted article is of a quality that contributes to the academic field.

  • The works must be original and based on research. It should be made sure that other individuals shown as co-authors, have contributed to the research. It is contrary to the scientific ethics to add some, who are not academic contributors to the article, as co-authors or to put in order co-authors with non-academic criteria such as title, age, and gender regardless of the order of contribution

  • Although the plagiarism scan will be carried out by AID, authors are responsible for academic consequences of plagiarism.

  • The articles should not be sent to different journals at the same time. Also, the articles must be unsent to the other journals before.
  • It is assumed that authors who submit articles to the journal read and accept the publishing and writing principles of the journal and the writers are deemed to have committed themselves to these principles.

  • Citations and bibliography should be complete and realistic.



  • Referees should act with the awareness that they are the most basic determinant of the academic quality of the article to be published in the journal and should evaluate it with a view increasing the academic quality.

  • Referees should only accept the articles that they have the expertise necessary to make an appropriate appraisal. Also, they should only accept the articles that they can adhere to the double-blind peer-review secrecy and they should keep the details of the article in every way confidential.

  • Any information about the article examined in the review process should not be shared with anyone in any way.

  • Referees should only evaluate the correctness of the content of the articles and the appropriateness of the academic criteria. The opinions put forth in the article by authors may differ from those of the referees. The differences should not affect the evaluation.

  • Referee reports should be objective and moderate. Defamatory, derogatory and accusatory statements must be avoided.

  • Referees should avoid superficial and ambiguous expressions in evaluation reports. For the evaluations that resulted negative, the missing points and imperfections of the article must be shown clearly and concretely.

  • Referees must evaluate the articles within the time-frame granted to them. If they will not evaluate the article, they must notify the journal within a reasonable time.


Editorial Board

  • Editors should accept the articles that may contribute to the relevant areas expressed in the scope of the Journal to the evaluation process.

  • Editors should not be in any conflict of interest with the accepted or rejected articles nor take advantage from them.

  • Editors have all the responsibility and authority to accept or reject a submission.

  • It is the responsibility of editors to keep the names of referees and authors confidential.

  • Editors should take the necessary effort to ensure that the articles submitted for publication will be scanned to prevent plagiarism that is an academic dishonesty.

  • It is the responsibility of editors to complete the review, refereeing, editing and publishing processes of the submitted articles in a timely and healthy manner.

  • Editors should give priority to academic concerns and criteria when accepting the articles to the journal.

  • Editors should not list the names of those who do not contribute the journal, as a member of editorial board or assistant editor.

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