Aim & Scope

Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Studies (JMAPS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal published by Artvin Coruh University, which is a specialized university in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants. The main purpose of the journal is to share original and quality scientific research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and their Management. JMAPS ensures that the results of industrial production (herbal medicine, herbal teas, spice plants, food and feed supplements and special products such as cosmetics) are shared and used with all concerned, as well as scientific research. It also aims to encourage interdisciplinary studies.
The Journal, publishes the results of high-quality scientific and R&D (Research-Development)/PUR (Production-Development), and business studies on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in the fields of science and technology such as biology, molecular biology-genetics, chemistry, chemical engineering, agriculture, biochemistry, botany, ethnobotany, environmental science, forestry, horticulture, health, healthcare-public health, nutrition-food science, pharmaceutical sciences, etc. It aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, research and experience in these fields.

JMAPS covers the research on medicinal and aromatic plants, genetic resources (remediation studies including conventional and biotechnological methods), productive and vegetative propagation, wild collection, conservation, domestication, sources of variation (environment, genetics, morphogenetic, ontogenetic, diurnal), cultivation (climate demands, crop rotation, tillage), fertilization, planting, irrigation, phytopathology, crop protection, mechanization, harvesting, organic cultivation), postharvest processing (drying, extraction, cleaning, distillation, extraction, decontamination, storage, packaging), quality (authentication, quality management systems, quality determination methods), and economics (market research, business studies, profitability).
Main Fields of Interest of the Journal;
• Agricultural Applications of MAPs and (Non-wood Forest Products)
• Aromatherapy & Phytotherapy & Phytochemistry & Phyto Medical
• Biodiversity
• Biology and Biochemistry and Biotechnology
• Botany & Ethnobotany & Ethnopharmacology
• Conservation, Management and Sustainable Uses of MAPs and NWFPs
• Essential Oils and Secondary Plant Metabolites
• Herbal and Traditional Medicines
• Condiments & Culinary Herbs
• Industrial Processing Technologies of MAPs
• Legislation regarding MAPs and NWFPs
• Literature on MAPs
• Marketing/Operating MAPs and Products
• Molecular structures of MAPs
• Natural Cosmetics
• Non-Governmental Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations in MAPs
• Pharmacognosy & Phytopharmacology & Toxicology
• Standardization and Quality of TAB Products
• Traditional and Modern Herbal Products
• Entrepreneurship Related to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
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Period Months
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All manuscripts published in the Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Studies are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.