Ethics Committee Approval

Ethics committee approval is not mandatory for studies whose research data were collected before 2020, and ethics committee approval must be obtained for research conducted after this date and stated in the article. In studies whose research data were collected before 2020, the dates when the data were collected should be specified in the method part of the research.

For studies that do not require ethics committee approval, the "Declaration Form Regarding the Requirement of Ethics Committee Approval" should be uploaded to the system. Regarding Ethics Committee Approval, the following points should be taken into consideration

1. In studies requiring ethics committee approval, the institution from which the approval was obtained should be stated in the method part of the article, and the date and decision number of the relevant approval should definitely be written.

2. If a measurement tool developed by different scientists was used in the study, the information regarding the permission for the use of measurement tools should be included in the method section.

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