Open Access Statement

Kastamonu University Journal of Forestry Faculty (KUJFF) complies to the basic tenets of Open Access (OA) included in the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAJ), as reported at the URL
To this purpose, below are listed the main rights of authors/publisher and the reuse rights allowed by KUJFF regarding the material published on their journals.

Readers: Free readership rights to all articles immediately upon publication.
Reuse: Reuse, remixing, and further building upon the work subject to certain restrictions and conditions (through the CC BY-NC 4.0 license).
Copy: The publisher grants broad rights, including author reuse (e.g., of figures in presentations/teaching, creation of derivatives) and authorization rights (for others to use).
Author posting: Authors may post any version to any repository or website with no delay.
Automatic posting: KUJFF makes automatically available article metadata in trusted third-party repositories, both with free access (e.g., DOAJ, Dergipark) and regulated by subscription (e.g., EBSCO). Currently, no automatic posting of the full text of article is carried out in third-party digital repositories.

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