Price Policy

This journal does not receive any financial help, support or donation from any source or person, or organization. Therefore, payment is required during the evaluation and publication phases. If the process ends before the publication, the expenses are calculated and the remaining part of the deposited fee is paid back. The following fees are required for the services specified:

Referee Fees: 100+100=200TL (or equivalent in foreign currency)
Reviewing is a serious process. Any review not completed in due time creates obstacles for both the publication process and the planning of authors. Referees devote time for the evaluation of articles, and therefore the fee is demanded no matter if their decision is positive or negative.

Publication Fee: 400TL (or equivalent in foreign currency)
Articles cannot be over 23 pages, including all appendices. If articles accepted by referees are longer than this, the payment should be doubled. This amount is used for the publication, distribution and dissemination of the articles, with no commercial aim.

Translation Support fee (optional): 100TL for any translation in one language (or equivalent in foreign currency)
Authors can receive translation services for titles, abstracts, and keywords in Turkish, English, or Russian. Translation services are carried out by professional academicians.

Article Processing Charges (APCs): 600.00 TRY