Review Policy

The Literacy Trek uses a double-blind peer-review process for evaluating the manuscripts after the favorable initial editorial decision. Both reviewers and authors' anonymity is ensured by the editorial team. All manuscripts submitted to The Literacy Trek is blind-reviewed by at least two experts in terms of the content. To add, the editorial desk assesses the manuscript according to the style as explained in author guidelines

While evaluating the submissions, editors and reviewers consider the following main criteria:

  • The submission appeals to the interests of the journal's readership.
  • The submission meets the ethical standards and guidelines the editorship of The Literacy Trek adheres to.
  • The submission is written with academic rigor, and it offers a new, original insight or interpretation and not just a restatement of others’ ideas and views.
  • The submission makes a significant contribution to the field.
  • The submission reflects proper scholarship and research design with appropriate, correctly interpreted references to other authors and works.
  • The manuscript is well written and organized and conforms to the specifications of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, APA 7 style.

The reviewers' duties include the following while evaluating the submissions.

  • Any manuscript that is attached to any submission should be regarded as intellectual property of the authors and be treated as confidential documents. 
  • Reviewing process should be conducted objectively; instead of criticism, the referees should intend to support the authors with valid arguments to develop the manuscript.
  • Reviewers should declare any potential conflict of interest. Reviewers should not consider manuscripts in which they have conflicts of interest resulting from competitive, collaborative, or other relationships or connections with any of the authors, companies, or institutions connected to the papers.

Overall, The Literacy Trek invites reviewers to recognize standards of the review process available in Guidelines for Publishing in Applied Linguistics published by AAAL in 2016.

The reviewers should also revise the ethical guidelines and protocols to which The Literacy Trek commits. See Research Ethics page for further details of the journal's academic integrity policy. 

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