Aim & Scope

The Menba Kastamonu University Faculty of Fisheries Journal is an international, online, open access,  double blind peer-reviewed journal that is published in English and Turkish original articles, short notes, technical notes, reports and reviews in two issues per year (June, December) for scientists engaged in all aspects of biology, ecology, inland waters, marine and arthropod farming, fish feeding, disease, genetics, fisheries, fisheries technology, fisheries economics and management, aquaculture processing technologies, water chemistry, microbiology, algae biotechnology, protection of marine organisms, and freshwater habitats and pollution, ecotoxicology.

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İnland waters

Marine and arthropod farming

Fish feeding,

Fish disease



Fisheries technology

Fisheries economics and management

Aquaculture processing technologies

Water chemistry


Algae biotechnology

Protection of marine organisms

Freshwater habitats and pollution