MKUJSS publishes manuscripts in the fields of social sciences covering topics in education, history, economics, business, relations, international political economy, entrepreneurship, communication, logistics, cross-cultural studies, ethnicity, conflict, sociology and so on.“Mustafa Kemal University Journal of Social Sciences Institute” is a double blind peer-reviewed academic journal of Mustafa Kemal University Institute of Social Science. April and October to be published two times a year. All the opinions written in the articles are under responsibilities of the authors and it does not mean that they are adopted by the board. Articles that are considered as a unsuitable for publish are not returned. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make necessary changes in spelling and sentence, without prejudice to the essence of summer. The published contents in the articles cannot be used without being cited. The journal is indexed by ULAKBIM Humanities & Social Sciences Index, ASOS Social Sciences Index and Turk Education Sciences Index